About us

Our competences

Our know-how at the service of the operation of airport and seaport infrastructures

Operation and management

Custom solutions in order to improve the operation of your platform and to optimise traffic management.

  • Realise, manage, maintain, operate, develop and promote infrastructures
  • Satisfy customer demands (companies, ground handling agents, passengers...)
  • Assure cross-sector relationships together with all the airport’s partners
  • Optimise means and resources


Our teams share their know-how through high-quality training courses.

  • Airport firefighters
  • Techniques to combat oil fires
  • Handling of the means of protection assistance, evacuation and first aid
  • Crisis management (contingency plan)
  • Airport safety
  • Airport security
  • Vehicular traffic in manoeuvring and traffic areas


The experts at your service realise studies and provide technical assistance in each of our sectors of competences to satisfy your needs

  • Increase operational performance and profitability (operation, cost management, seeking new income)
  • Assist in the domain of sustainable development and energy optimisation
  • Develop, conceive, build and modernise new infrastructures
  • Program and anticipate future needs (general plan of composition)