Access & parking lots

The Airport Nouméa-Magenta is situated at 4km from town centre, and 45km away from the International Airport Nouméa - La Tontouta.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers two parking lots free of charge :

  • The parking lot P1 offers :
    • 256 parking spaces
    • open 24/7
  • The parking lot P2 at 500m from the airport offers :
    • 116 parking spaces
    • open 24/7 from 5h to 20h
    • free shuttles between the parking lot and the airport, two ways, every 15 minutes from 5 h to 20 h

*Frequency might change based on air traffic.

The two parking lots are patrolled regularly by the security personnel.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry cannot be held liable in case of loss, theft or damage to objects or vehicles.


Parking lot maps

Access plan of Magenta Airport
Plan d'accès de l'aéroport de Magenta