Useful information/Airport services

Can I connect to the internet at the airport ?

You can connect to the internet thanks to a free Wifi connection and using your own devices.

What are the opening hours of the Airport Nouméa-Magenta ?

The airport is open everyday from 5h to 20h. This is subject to change if flight schedules change. The shuttles to the P2 parking lot leave every 15 minutes during regular opening hours of the airport.

I have lost an object, where to go ?

Any lost object that has been found at the airport can be collected at the CCI information booth at the airport.

When you have lost an object on board of an aircraft, please contact your airline.

Can I spend the night at the airport while waiting for a flight ?

The Airport Nouméa-Magenta closes after arrival/departure of the last flight. You can"t spend the night at the airport.

Are there any baggage lockers available ?

Because of the regulations of the security plan Vigipirate, baggage lockers are not available.

Where can i find a baggage cart ?

Baggage carts can be found in front of the airport under the parvis and in the airport, in the check in area and in the arrival hall.

Can i smoke at the airport ?

Smoking is prohibited at the airport. You can smoke outside the building.


What can I take along in my baggage ?

A list of prohibited items can be found on the site of the Ministry of Ecology, sustainable Development and Energy under :

More information :

See the regulations concerning prohibited items, decree no. 06-1609 from the 2nd of November 2006 concerning prohibited articles and regulated products and limitations for hand baggage.

What kind of items are prohibited in the hold ?

Dangerous substances and material are prohibited i the hold.

For more information, please contact your airline.

What kind of items are prohibited in the cabin baggage ?

Schema objets interdits en cabine

I've lost my baggage, what do I do ?

Contact your airline.

Parking lots/Shuttles

Are there special parking spaces for handicapped or disabled persons on the parking lots ?

You find reserved parking spaces for handicapped and disabled persons on all of our parking lots. The P2 parking lot shuttle is specially adapted for handicapped persons.

What are the opening hours of the parking lots ?

The parking lot P1 at the Airport Nouméa-Magenta is open 24/7. The parking lot P2 is open everyday from 5h to 20h. This is subject to change if flight schedules change.

Is there a shuttle service to and from the P2 parking lot ?

Yes, a shuttle service circulates between P2 and the airport, it leaves every 15 minutes. Open 24/7 from 5h to 20h

Are the parking lots secured ?

The two parking lots are patrolled regularly by the security personnel.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry cannot be held liable in case of loss, theft or damage to objects or vehicles.

Other information

The security personnel has confiscated an object during screening. Can I get it back ?

No, it is not possible to recover a confiscated object. All confiscated items ill be destroyed, except if the police orders otherwise.

How to file a complaint ?

In case of a complaint or if you have any comments, you can :

  • Contact us on-line :
  • Or send a letter by post to the following address : CCI, aéroport Nouméa-Magenta 15, rue de Verdun, BP M3 98849 Nouméa Cedex


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