Airport security and safety

According to applicable law, the Airport Nouméa-Magenta is equipped with a Security Management system (SGS) based on criteria and indicators of aircraft safety and security when landing and during take-off, and during all activities taking place in the reserved area. The airport commits to maintain a protection level 5.

Rescue and aircraft fire fighting service (SSLIA)

The main mission of the rescue and aircraft fire fighting service at the Airport Nouméa-Magenta is to save human lives in case of an accident or incident involving aircraft, at the airport or its surroundings. This aim is defined, in the context of the ORSEC plan, in the NOVI plan, created together with the Civil Security Service of the New Caledonian government (DSCGR).

The SSLIA's second mission is to intervene on aircraft in case of dangerous situations with a risk of an outbreak of fire.

SSLIA intervenes in the prevention of fire and in fire fighting or in case of another type of catastrophe concerning the services and installations of the airport, its immediate surroundings or at any other place as defined in the ORSEC, NOVI or PSSA/PSIA plans and in the context of specific missions.

The SSLIA is also responsible for the prevention of wildlife hazards.


  • Fire emergency-response vehicle: :
    • 1 VIM 60 P2,5 GIMAEX
  • Support vehicles and other means:
    • 1 VIS Land Rover
    • 1 Citroën Berlingo
    • 1 boat MAKO
    • 1 SSLIA jet ski
    • 1 AMP trailer (advanced medical post)
    • 1 trailer mobile lighting equipment


  • 1 chief SSLIA/SPPA 
  • 1 deputy chief SSLIA/SPPA 
  • 1 instructor 
  • 5 dispatchers 
  • 4 firemen