Airport security and safety

The safety of our customers, subcontractors, teams, aircraft, and society is our priority.

We constantly strive to achieve an even higher level of safety through an integrated Safety Management System. In this regard, we aim to involve all users of the Nouméa-Magenta airport platform in this system.

Airport safety is a collective effort, and everyone is responsible for reporting any safety incidents to us.

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Service

The main mission of the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Service at the Nouméa-Magenta aerodrome is to save human lives in the event of an aircraft accident or incident occurring on the aerodrome or in its vicinity. This objective is implemented through the ORSEC plan, specifically the NOVI plan, which is jointly established by the Civil Security Department of the New Caledonia government (DSCGR).

The secondary mission of the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Service is to intervene on aircraft in situations involving a potential fire hazard.

The Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Service may be called upon to participate in fire prevention and firefighting activities or other disasters occurring within the services and facilities of the aerodrome, its immediate vicinity, or in other locations defined within the framework of the ORSEC NOVI or PSSA/PSIA plans and special missions.

Another mission entrusted to the ARFF is the Wildlife Hazard Management Service (SPPA).

Reporting Safety Events

If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding the safety of the Nouméa-Magenta airport, please contact our Safety Department by writing to:

Formulaire de notification événement sécurité