Infrastructure and equipment

Development of infrastructures

The airport structures cover an area of 30 hectares and receive over 430.000 passengers annually.

At the moment, works are realised at the Airport Magenta in order to expand and refurbish the installations. The project has been initiated by the Civil Aviation and will be finished in 2019.

The new infrastructures will :

  • respond to the travel needs of the population
  • increase the development potential of the domestic air traffic 
  • assure optimum levels of security for all users of the airport 
  • assure best services for the passengers

Important figures:

Surface of 40 hectares, with :

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  • 1 runway of 1381 m 
  • 4 aircraft parking stands in the commercial zone 
  • 8 stand for helicopters (external) 
  • 35 parking stands for light aircraft 
  • 1 parking stand for aviation not based at the airport
  • 2200 m² airport surface • 600 m² cargo terminal surface






Crédits Photos DAC NC
  • 4 check-in counters
  • 372 parking spaces for vehicles (P1 + P2)
  • 5 airlines based at the airport (2 helicopter companies)
  • free shuttles between the parking lot and the airport, two ways, every 15 minutes from 5 h to 20 h