Construction Work: Please Note Changes in Traffic



Construction work initiated by the province of Sud to extend the cycle path along RP14 will begin on May 15, 2023, and is expected to last approximately 6 months. Passengers and users, please take note of the planned traffic modifications for the week of May 22.

For passengers parking at P4:

A section of the pedestrian pathway between the airport and P4 will be closed. As a result, regular shuttle rotations (approximately every 15 minutes) will be organized to transport passengers as follows, starting from May 22:

Terminal - P2 - P4 - Terminal - P2 - P4

For users parking in the personal parking area:

The first phase of the construction work will directly impact the pedestrian pathway between the personal parking area and the P1 parking lot of the terminal. This pathway will be closed from May 22, 2023, until the end of July 2023. Access to the terminal parking lot will only be possible by fully circumventing the roundabout.

Please refer to the provided location plan below, with pedestrian circulation indicated in green.

Plan de situation (392.15 KB)