2024 Calendar of Festivities on the Loyalty Islands

Calendrier des fêtes sur les îles Loyauté 2024

Life in the Pacific is punctuated by celebrations, and in New Caledonia, the Loyalty Islands are no exception to this rule! Whether traditional, cultural, iconic, or quirky, these festivals are abundant throughout the territory. They offer unique opportunities to discover local customs and culinary delights of the region. So, plan your stay or weekends around these events. For festivities in the Loyalty Islands, travel agencies often offer packages including flights and accommodations. However, don't delay too long to book, as these offers are highly sought after, and spots, as well as plane tickets, are quickly sold out each year!

To ensure you don't miss any of these celebrations, we present here a directory of island events. Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, and unforeseen circumstances, such as weather, can sometimes lead to date changes or cancellations compared to the usual periods.

calendier des fetes