Avocado festival on Maré Island: A culinary getaway not to be missed!


New Caledonia is renowned for its cultural richness and festivities. Among them, the avocado festival on the Isle of Maré stands out as a popular and authentic event. From Wednesday, May 8 to Sunday, May 12, this festival attracts visitors from all over New Caledonia and beyond.

A celebration of avocado and local agriculture

Organized since the 1990s, this festival is an opportunity for local producers to share their passion for avocado, a delicious fruit proudly grown on the Isle of Maré. Visitors will have the chance to discover authentic agriculture and taste fresh and flavorful products.

An enriching cultural experience

Beyond gastronomy, the avocado festival offers an immersion into Kanak culture. Residents from the tribes of Nece, Mebuet, Tuo, Padawa open their homes to welcome visitors, creating a warm and friendly encounter.

Activities and entertainment for everyone

The festival's program is rich and varied: farmers' market, weaving workshops, musical and sports animations, boat excursions, hikes, and much more. There's something to satisfy all tastes and ages!

How to get there?

Take advantage of flights with Air Calédonie or Air Loyauté to reach Maré and participate in the avocado festival.

Practical information:

  • Date: Wednesday, May 8 to Sunday, May 12
  • Location: Isle of Maré
  • Transportation: Flights available with Air Calédonie and Air Loyauté