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COVID-19 Health Measures

Arrival Formalities in New Caledonia

Please refer to the dedicated section on the government's website to learn about the arrival formalities:

Arrival information

Departure Formalities from New Caledonia

Please refer to the dedicated section on the government's website to learn about the departure formalities:

Departure information


If you experience symptoms such as cough, fever, unusual fatigue, difficulty breathing, loss of taste and smell, headache, etc., please contact your doctor immediately and avoid any travel.

For any additional information regarding entry and exit regulations: please visit

Baggage and Security

Numerous items are prohibited from being transported by air, both for security reasons (illegal activities) and for safety reasons (fire risk). Special attention must be given when preparing your luggage. The voluntary or involuntary possession of prohibited items for air transport, whether in checked baggage or carry-on baggage, will result in their abandonment so that you can board the plane.

If you have a prohibited item for transport, you have several options:

  • Preferably place it in checked baggage if it is allowed (see below),
  • Leave it with an accompanying person or in your vehicle,
  • Mail it, if it is allowed.

Golden rules for your baggage

  • To avoid any confusion during check-in, remove old labels stuck to your luggage.
  • Clearly indicate your name and address inside and outside your luggage.
  • It is advisable to attach a distinctive mark (sticker, ribbon) to each of them for easier identification upon arrival.
  • Avoid leaving loose straps or loose buckles outside your checked baggage, as it could get caught in the conveyor systems and not be on the same flight as you.
  • Do not transport valuable items in your checked baggage; place them in your carry-on baggage if they are allowed.
  • Keep your medical treatments and prescriptions in your carry-on baggage. Carefully package any fragile items.
  • Do not accept any luggage or parcels from a third party, regardless of the reason.
  • Never leave your luggage unattended, even for a short moment, as they could become suspicious and be destroyed.
  • Report any abandoned luggage or parcels to airport personnel.

Prohibited or regulated items on an airplane

We invite you to visit and to obtain all the information.


Be on time!

To ensure a smooth journey, we advise you to arrive 3 hours before your flight departure time for Japan, Singapore, Tahiti, or France, and 2 hours and 30 minutes for all other destinations. This will allow you to save time, avoid last-minute stress, and the crowd of passengers at check-in, security, and boarding.

Attention: Please make sure to adhere to the check-in deadline stated on your flight documents! After this deadline, you may not be able to board or risk having your flight delayed, potentially causing you to miss your connections.

Being on time for your flight benefits everyone by saving time and ensuring a relaxed experience!

For information regarding the commercial conditions of your flights, please inquire with the respective airlines.

Preparing for Security Screening

Before entering the boarding area, you will need to proceed to the security checkpoint, carrying your boarding pass. You will be asked to place your carry-on luggage, the contents of your pockets, and personal items such as belts or shoes in one or more trays provided for X-ray screening.

You will also need to separately place the contents of your carry-on baggage, including:

  • Liquids, aerosols, gels, and pastes in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml, placed in a resealable plastic bag with a capacity not exceeding one liter (20 cm by 20 cm).
  • Laptops and other electronic devices.
  • Coats and jackets.
  • And the carry-on baggage with maximum dimensions of 56 x 45 x 25 cm, containing your other personal belongings.

You may be subject to random explosive trace detection checks, which involve collecting particles from your body, clothing, or baggage and carry-on items.

Carry-on Baggage Security Measures


Pet animals

The importation of your pet animals (dogs and cats) into New Caledonia, as well as their exportation, is subject to specific regulations.

To obtain the latest regulatory information, please visit the Davar portal:

For further information, please contact the Veterinary, Food, and Phytosanitary Inspection Service (2 rue Russeil – Noumea - Tel: (+687) 24.37.45 – Email: and your airline.

Customs and Phytosanitary

Upon entering or leaving New Caledonia, certain goods are subject to specific regulations.

For example, narcotic products are strictly prohibited.

Similarly, the importation, exportation, or mere possession of counterfeit products infringing trademarks constitutes a customs offense that can result in severe penalties, such as confiscation of the goods, customs fines, and legal prosecution.

The importation of plants, animals, plant products, and products of animal origin may be subject to specific requirements. Please inquire with the Veterinary, Food, and Phytosanitary Inspection Service (2 rue Russeil – Noumea - Tel: (+687) 24.37.45 – Email:

Industrially manufactured canned goods with a health mark are exempt, up to a limit of 2 kg per person, from the presentation of a health and sanitation certificate. However, they must be presented voluntarily for sanitary inspection upon disembarkation.

The importation or exportation of specimens or parts of animal and plant species threatened with extinction and protected under the Washington Convention (CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) may be prohibited or require a CITES certificate. Please consult the Directorate of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environment (DAFE) (BP 180 - 98 845 Noumea - Tel: (+687) 23 24 30 - Email: for more information.

The importation of firearms and ammunition is subject to prior approval from the High Commissioner's Office, depending on their category. For any information, please contact DIRAG (BP C5 - 98 844 Noumea CEDEX - Tel: (+687) 26 63 00).

The importation of medicines may require administrative authorization issued by the Directorate of Health and Social Affairs (DASS). For further information, please contact DASS (BP N4 - 98851 Noumea CEDEX - Tel: (+687) 24 37 00 - Email:

Traveler's Allowances

When arriving in New Caledonia, you are entitled to duty-free allowances for the following goods:

  • Tobacco:
    • 200 cigarettes
    • OR 100 cigarillos
    • OR 50 cigars
    • OR 250 grams of smoking tobacco


  • Alcoholic beverages:
    • 2 liters of still wine and 1 liter of beverages exceeding 22% alcohol by volume
    • OR 2 liters of beverages with an alcohol content of 22% or less


  • Coffee:
    • 500 grams
    • OR 200 grams of coffee extracts and essences


  • Tea:
    • 100 grams
    • OR 50 grams of tea extracts and essences


  • Perfumes:
    • 50 grams


  • Toilet waters:
    • 25 centiliters


  • Other goods:
    • 30,000 XPF per traveler aged 15 and above (15,000 XPF for travelers under 15 years old).

Note: Travelers under 17 years old are not allowed to import tobacco or alcoholic beverages duty-free.


Declaration of Values

"Amounts equal to or exceeding 1,193,317 XPF (10,000 euros or its equivalent in currency) that you are carrying must be declared to the external surveillance brigade of Tontouta (Tel: 35.11.72).

These amounts can be in the form of cash, checks (including traveler's checks), securities (stocks, bonds, etc.), or valuables such as gold or silver coins.


Duty-Free Shopping

Purchases of duty-free products in a customs-controlled store (port, airport, airplane, etc.) or under the tax refund scheme must be declared upon your arrival in New Caledonia.

The customs service will collect any applicable duties and taxes.

For further information, please visit the website:"

Health formalities upon departure

For certain destinations, health authorities require you to present your vaccination records as a condition for entry into the territory.

For any information, please don't hesitate to contact the Health and Travel Center (CSV) of the Department of Health and Social Affairs (DASS), the only international vaccination center in New Caledonia.

Consultations at the CSV are free of charge and available by appointment on Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 12 pm to 4 pm. To make an appointment, please call 24 37 18 or 24 37 00.

The CSV is located on the 4th floor of 5 rue Gallieni in downtown Nouméa.

Lost and Found

The CCI Information Point is responsible for collecting lost items in the airport. It is open during flight movements, 7 days a week.

We invite you to contact them:

Phone: (687) 35 11 18


On-site: Counter located in the public hall.

Please note that the lost item may be brought in a few days after its loss, so feel free to contact the CCI Information Point to confirm.

Remember to provide your name, phone number, address, and specify the date and location where you lost the item. Also, provide a detailed description of the lost item.

Note: A valid identification document will be required for retrieving lost items.

For any items lost on an aircraft, please contact the airline you traveled with. 

Play Area (for children and babies)

Due to sanitary protection measures, the dedicated play area for young children in the boarding area is currently unavailable.

Unaccompanied Minors (UM)

The rules regarding unaccompanied minors vary among airlines and depend on the age and destinations. Therefore, we recommend contacting your airline directly for information on the specific services offered and the minimum age for traveling alone without an accompanying service.

Passenger rights

Airlines are obligated to inform you of your rights in the event of a travel incident such as denied boarding, cancellation, significant delay, loss or damage to baggage, etc., and provide information on where you can file a complaint.

To learn more, please refer to the rights of air passengers on the website of the Direction de l'Aviation Civile de Nouvelle-Calédonie (Civil Aviation Directorate of New Caledonia) by following this link:

Useful Contacts

The CCI Information Point provides information on flights, parking payments, lost and found items, and airport services.

Phone : (+687) 35 11 18.

A voicemail service is available outside of business hours: (+687) 36 67 18.