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CCI services

  • CCI-NC airport management

    Phone : (+687) 35 25 00

    E-mail :

  • Airport identification card office (TCA)

    Phone : (+687) 35 25 51

  • Passenger information

    Phone : (+687) 35 11 18

  • Flight schedules

    Phone : (+687) 36 67 18  (Voice server – 12 F CFP/11 s)


Public authorities


Ground handling agent

The company Pacific Airport Engie offers assistance and services for all airlines operating on the platform. The company's field of activity covers such services as check in, boarding, disembarking passengers and baggage, moving of aircraft using pusher tugs and catering (on-board meals). It also offers assistance and services for all aircraft making a stopover at the airport. The company also handles air freight on arrival and departure.

Pacific Airport Engie


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