The CCI's mandates

The CCI manages half of the public domain of the international airport (327 hectares), in the context of the concession agreement between the CCI and the French State and the authorisation to operate the commercial part.

As manager the CCI has been entrusted with several missions:

  • Servicing and development of works, terrains, buildings and installations of the airport 
  • Assure the airport operation: propose all necessary services to the airline companies (passenger check-in, baggage handling, catering, freight, etc.) 
  • Assure aircraft safety and security: fire fighters, passenger control, baggage and merchandise control, access management 
  • Guarantee high quality services for the passengers in a comfortable environment 
  • Coordinate platform partners 

A solid airport expertise

The CCI has about one hundred employees working at the Airport Nouméa-La Tontouta, amongst them about 40 fire-fighters ready to intervene in case of an emergency.

The CCI also runs the Training Institute for Airport Fire-fighters of Nouméa-La Tontouta (IFPA), offering training for the fir fire-fighters at the airport, from the territory and from other countries, such as Tahiti, Wallis et Futuna, Vanuatu, and from mining and oil companies.

The formation and the active participation of the teams in the implementation of new equipment and the new infrastructure further developed the professionalism of the personnel and reinforced the competences in different specialities..

Since 2016, the airport disposes of a competence centre in the fields of the construction of aeronautical infrastructures, mastering of energy, construction, security, airport safety and fire prevention.

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Competences at the service of the users

The customer satisfaction is always a priority for the CCI. Thus, airlines and the associated services, the businesses at the airport and the passengers are at the centre of all projects.

Each day the CCI assures a relation marked by confidence between the different partners of their platforms, while strictly applying the local and international regulations .