Realisations and projects

In the years between 2008 and 2013 the Airport Nouméa-La Tontouta has been extended. The aim of this investment product was twofold: in a first step, the airport had to be extended and modernised, and brought up to standard concerning safety and security regulations. And New Caledonia wished to dispose of a tool to develop the country and, in particular, the tourism sector.

Realisations: creation of two new parking stands for aircraft, equipped with air bridges, new parking lots for vehicles, the construction of a new cargo terminal, doubling of the airport surface, etc.

For 2019, a new program for the refurbishment of the runway is planned. This project is the continuation of a program that has been realised in 2015-2016 in order to bring the runway up to standard for code E aircraft (span of under 65m, aircraft type Airbus A 330 and 1 340) and occasionally code F aircraft (span under 80m, type Airbus A 380).

Air traffic is in constant evolution in the last ten years (+16%) with over 530,000 passengers in 2017. The new infrastructures will be designed for the evolution of the air traffic in the next 20 years.

An airport in compliance with the highest standards

In 2012, the CCI finished important works for the expansion of the airport. For the project, the anticipated needs of air traffic and new international standards have been taken into account. The aim as also, to be able to respond to quality and safety requirements, but also to fulfil passenger expectations concerning comfort and use.

The international organisation IATA classifies airports based on their capacity to receive aircraft and passengers on a scale from A to A, with A being the best and F the worst. Thanks to the works initiated by the CCI the Airport Nouméa La Tontouta changed from category D to category B, a very good level of comfort.