Realisations and projects

An airport meeting the most prestigious standards Nouméa-La Tontouta Airport underwent an expansion phase during the period 2008-2013. The objective of this investment program was twofold: on one hand, it was necessary to enlarge and modernize the terminal, and on the other hand, bringing it into compliance with regulatory developments in terms of security and safety became a necessity. Finally, New Caledonia wanted to have a tool for the country's development, particularly for its tourism industry.

Achievements include the creation of two new aircraft parking areas equipped with telescopic jet bridges, new vehicle parking facilities, the construction of a bus station and a new cargo terminal, doubling the size of the terminal, runway refurbishment, etc.

Excluding the COVID-19-related health crisis, the traffic has been steadily increasing over the past ten years (+16%) with over 530,000 passengers in 2017. The new infrastructure is therefore designed to accommodate the traffic growth for the next twenty years.

An airport meeting the highest prestigious standards

In 2012, the CCI completed a significant terminal expansion project. The goal was to anticipate traffic needs while integrating new international standards.

The international organization IATA (International Air Transport Association) classifies airports based on their capacity to handle aircraft and passengers on a scale ranging from A to F (A corresponding to luxury and F to a situation of breakdown). Thanks to the work undertaken by the CCI, the Nouméa-La Tontouta International Airport has moved from category D to category B, representing a very good level of comfort.

In February 2022, the runway refurbishment works at the Nouméa-La Tontouta International Airport were completed.