The Airport Nouméa - La Tontouta

The Nouméa-La Tontouta International Airport, located 50 km north of Nouméa, connects New Caledonia to major cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Papeete, Port Vila, Wallis, Singapore, Auckland, Nadi and Paris via Tokyo.

The citie of Osaka is currently not served.

The airport has been managed by the CCI-NC since 1968. They oversee operations, freight-related facilities, aircraft assistance, and maintenance. Additionally, they maintain and develop the airport's aeronautical infrastructure and various platform networks.


Modern Facilities

With over 560,000 passengers in 2019 (166,200 passengers in 2020), the terminal spans an area of over 20,000 m². It features five parking bays, two of which are directly connected to the passenger terminal. In addition to a drop-off zone in front of the airport, there are 570 free parking spaces available for visitors and passengers during the first twenty minutes.

The CCI conducted a runway refurbishment in 2022.

Since 2016, the CCI has implemented an ambitious eco-responsible development policy to control and reduce the environmental impact of the airport's activities. Presently:

  • The airport parking area houses the largest photovoltaic power station with canopies in the territory.
  • The airport is certified ACA level 2.
  • The platform implements waste sorting with the use of 10 sorting stations and the dissemination of an awareness video: 1 ton of aluminum, 800 kg of glass, and 540 kg of recycled newspapers/magazines.
  • The installation of recharge stations equipped with electric bicycles under solar photovoltaic carports.

Click here to see the details of the CCI-NC"s commitment.

A wide range of services

The International Airport Nouméa - La Tontouta offers a wide range of services for all passengers,  such as a free Wifi access, in the passenger terminal, a CCI information booth, accompanying persons, etc.

The airport also proposes 24/7 duty free shops in the arrival and departure areas offering perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol, souvenirs from New Caledonia, books, journals and newspapers.

Two restaurants, open 24/7, offer a varied choice of drinks and snacks.

Various services are proposed in the freely accessible main hall (post office, ATM...). Thus, visitors can by phone cards and stamps or change foreign currencies right on site.

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To arrive at the airport, or leave it, there are numerous possibilities: several companies provide shuttle services, their are taxis and car rentals, etc.

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