Are there any baggage lockers available ?

Because of the regulations of the security plan Vigipirate, baggage lockers are not available.

Can I spend the night at the airport ?

The Airport closes for the night, after arrival/departure of the last flight. You can't spend the night at the airport.

Can I take a shower at the airport ?

Two showers are available in the boarding area in the bathrooms on the 2nd floor. However, there are no showers in the arrival and public area.

Is there a Wifi connection available at the airport ?

Yes, Wifi access is available in the entire passenger section of the airport.

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Can I smoke at the airport?

Smoking is prohibited at the airport. You can smoke outside the building. There is a smokers' lounge in the boarding area.

Is there a wrapping service for baggage?

No, this service is not available. So, protect your baggage before arriving at the airport.

Can I change foreign currencies at the airport ?

Yes, the BCI bank offers such a service.

The exchange booth is open every day.

The opening hours correspond to the flight schedules of the day.

Does the public transport operate at night?

The public transport does not operate at night in New Caledonia, but you can reserve a shuttle, rent a car or hire a taxi.

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Can I leave car keys to be handed over to another person ?

Yes, you can leave them free of charge at the CCI information booth in the main hall.

For more information contact our personnel by phone (+687) 35 11 18 or email

Is there a long term car park? Do I have to reserve a parking space ?

There is no special long term car park. When arriving at the airport, just park your car anywhere on the visitors' parking lot.

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Are there souvenir shops ? What are the opening hours ?

Yes. The souvenir shop X-Plora can be found in the main hall and is open for all departures.

In the boarding area you find Aélia Duty Free, where you can also buy souvenirs.

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Are there restaurants at the airport?

Le Constellation offers snacks and a bar, open on arrival and departure of flights.

In the boarding area Le Biarritz offers drinks and snacks before boarding your flight.

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Are medical drugs or pharmaceutical equipment available at the airport?

No, however, you find a pharmacy not far away from the airport (open during the day).

Is there an infirmary at the airport ?

No, there is no infirmary at the airport. However, we can make an announcement and ask if there is a doctor or a nurse currently at the airport.

Is the parking lot secured ?

The parking lot P1 is equipped with 2 cameras and is lit during the night.

However, the airport cannot be held liable in case of damage, accidents, fire or theft on the parking lot, as the fee is for parking only, and not for surveillance.



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