The airport has been managed since 1968 by CCI-NC. It ensures operations, freight-related installations, aircraft assistance, and maintenance. It also maintains and develops aeronautical infrastructure and various platform networks.

The teams serving the airport

Organizational chart

Let's take a look behind the scenes of the airport

Romina - Reception Coordinator 

If you're taking a flight, Romina will be happy to provide information at the information desk of the Nouméa-La Tontouta International Airport.

Océane - Maintenance Technician

Océane performs preventive maintenance on the jet bridges and baggage conveyor belts at the Nouméa-La Tontouta International Airport. 

Hervé - Firefighter in SSLIA

Hervé ensures the safety of individuals and compliance with safety regulations, particularly in high-risk areas. He is ready to intervene at any time, including in the event of an aircraft disaster. Hervé is a firefighter in the SSLIA (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Service). 

Amélie - Customer Relations

Officer As a customer relations officer, Amélie handles complaints and provides customer support to build loyalty and offer commercial initiatives.  

Brigitte - Airport Operations Supervisor

Brigitte ensures the operational readiness of the terminal for passenger arrivals and departures. She pays special attention to airport safety and security by coordinating flight operations on the ground. 

Didier - Airport Operator Quality Assurance Manager

Didier ensures control of procedures and the security program with the objective of ensuring that passengers and aircraft depart with cargo without any prohibited items on board.

Yvanne - Airport Safety Management Systems Manager

Yvanne's objective is to maintain the airport platform at a high level of airport security. She raises awareness among internal personnel and her main mission is the management of the security certificate.

Frantz - DSI Administrator and Support

Frantz is responsible for, among other things, the maintenance and management of the airport platform's IT infrastructure.