Tontouta mouv': the B2B transportation plan

Tontouta mouv': the B2B transportation plan

Tontouta Mouv’ is the the B2B transportation plan (PDIE) of the Airport Platform Nouméa-La Tontouta.


This common approach has been initiated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New Caledonia in order to better understand and optimise the transport of employees, visitor and passengers at the airport.

For the companies of the platform, this is a way to participate in the implementation of a transport system aiming at an improvement of this very same system. This project will allow the creation of an action plan, based on a diagnosis of the habits and needs of each party involved.

The context and the idea of the CCI

Over 1000 people work at the Airport Platform Nouméa - La Tontouta and travel each day from their homes to work using their own car most of the time. These trips take place at irregular times depending on air traffic and are a source of stress, fatigue, risks (accident), costs and greenhouse gas emission.

The CCI, employing 100 people at the airport in Tontouta, has decided in 2016 to find mobility solutions for an access to the airport. The CCI already supported companies and created an awareness for environmental problems and involved the Ademe and the government in this project, together with 11 companies and organisations present at the airport, in order to find common solutions for the transport of personnel. Thus, Tontouta Mouv' concerns about 800 people.

A common commitment

Twelve actors of the Airport Platform Nouméa - La Tontouta have signed the Tontouta Mouv’ charter and committed to participate in this project that concerns 800 persons..

  • CCI - 100 persons
  • BA 186 of the armed forces of New Caledonia - 150 persons
  • Aircalin - 150 persons
  • Pacific Airport Engie - 175 persons
  • Espace Surveillance - 90 persons
  • Direction de l’aviation civile - 70 persons
  • Brigade de gendarmerie des transports aériens - 10 persons
  • Police aux frontières - 40 persons
  • Direction des affaires vétérinaires alimentaires et rurales - 15 persons
  • Service des douanes - 30 persons
  • Total Pacific - 7 persons
  • Restauration Calédonienne - 20 persons

The aims of Tontouta Mouv'

Social aims

  • Reduce stress, fatigue and risks of accidents in the context of travels (especially in the rather dangerous part of the road at the Col de la Pirogue)
  • Improve comfort, safety and the quality of life.

Environmental aims

  • Reduce the impact on the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Develop alternative solutions to replace the personal car
  • Implement an environment conscious procedure offering a pleasant atmosphere

Economic aims

  • Reduce the transport budget
  • Improve accessibility and attractiveness of the airport