Airport Carbon Accreditation

Airport Carbon Accreditation

The Airport Nouméa - La Tontouta is amongst the first airports in the Pacific to have received the ACA label (Airport Carbon Certification). The label has been created in 2009 by the ACI (Airports Council International).

This airport-specific international program allows to distinguish the efficiency of a carbon management plan based on 4 accreditation levels.

Level 1: the carbon imprint is verified by emission measurements realised under direct control of the airport (emission sources scope 1 and 2 of the GhG Protocol). The airport also has to show the management's commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

Level 2 : in addition to the requirements for level1, this level requires the creation of a carbon management plan including a fixed aim for the reduction of emissions. The airport has to proof that the category 1 and 2 emissions have been reduced, based on an average emission value for three years.

Level 3 : in addition to the requirements for level 2, the airport ha to proof that it has implemented a carbon management plan involving the stakeholders and that scope 3 carbon emissions have also been taken into consideration.

Level 3+ : in addition to the requirements for level 3, the airport has to achieve carbon neutrality for emission sources directly under its control (scopes 1 and 2).

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